Monocle - Shaolin Temple USA

Shaolin Temple USA is the first official North American branch of the world famous Songshan Shaolin Temple in Henan Province of China, the original Shaolin Temple established in 495 AD. Songshan Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of Chinese Chan (Zen) Buddhism and Shaolin Kung Fu.

Under the direction of Founder and Executive Director Master Shi YanRan, 34th generation Shaolin Temple Buddhist Monk, a team of Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks is stationed at Shaolin Temple USA to carry on the 1,500-year old traditions and training disciplines of Shaolin Temple. Their mission is to share Shaolin culture with the American people. Shaolin Temple USA teaches Shaolin Kung Fu Chan (Zen) through the disciplines of Shao-lin Kung Fu and Qigong.

Students of all backgrounds, faiths, ages and athletic abilities are welcome at Shaolin Temple USA.

Photographed for Monocle in San Francisco, CA