C Magazine - David Ireland's 500 Capp St

Artist David Ireland’s best-known work is the house at 500 Capp Street located in the Mission District of San Francisco, the house served simultaneously as the artist’s environmental artwork, social sculpture, and residence for 30 years, it could be considered a portrait of the artist itself as it embodies his visual language and exists as both a container for his art and an artwork on its own.

In 2004 David had to move out due to health reasons and the house was close to be sold on the San Francisco real estate market in the next years until art collector and SFMOMA board member Carlie Wilmans acquired the building and created the 500 Capp Street Foundation in 2008 to use the house as a place for the preservation and study of the artist’s work, Ireland passed away in 2009 at the age of 78.

Photographed for C Magazine in San Francisco, CA